• Actively researching opens new perspectives
    Actively researching opens new perspectives
  • Bringing companies on their trot and teams in motion
    Bringing companies on their trot and teams in motion
  • Using the diversity of personality
    Using the diversity of personality

Consulting –

Leadership and state of the art management.

Consulting is our strength. Our vocation. What we are in the world and in the economy. Our area of operation covers Vienna, the Vienna region and Baden ...


Coaching –

personal, effective and practical

Coaching has demonstrated many positive effects for a successful Company. Coaching also helps towards achieving a balance at different levels.


Prevention –

to prevent previously what could have disturbed afterwards

Prevention, in English or New German prevention, is prevention. So in the closer sense. What we see from Con-Sense ...


Mediation –

Professional support in conflict resolution

Mediation is the constructive way to handle conflict resolution. Conflict can arise anywhere and everywhere and Mediation is often the answer.


Managementconsulting appears to be an overused expression. No question. Many answers. The good News: Consense Group is your integrated business consulting firm in Vienna metropolitan area and in Baden, where the headquarters are located. On request we are available everywhere.

We from Con-Sense read between numbers. As business consultants we follow a holistic approach and utilize it for our customers. The integrated entity deals with individual talents and skills of the self, with the community (We) in a system,
the IT. Very notional and the fact boxes help explaining.

We explain to you in detail the integrated entirety and the implementation in practice in a personal consultation.
Our main focus are individuals the key players for corporate/ business success.

Because of the success of our approach in our consulting practice we have expanded our services offering coaching, mediation and health prevention.

Con-Sense is corporate consulting with meaning and added value. Book your individual consulting


„We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.“
(Galileo Galilei)